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A Great Day for Dan's Day   April 27, 2015

This place has always had a great community. This has been proven once again. Yesterday. Weekends are very valuable to most people, but that didn’t stop loads of our members from coming out and donating their time and hard earned money to a special cause. Everyone here at CrossFit Long Island appreciates the generosity of everyone that came out (and all that missed out, but still managed to make their support known). By now, most of our community knows Danny, and that brought yesterday’s event closer to the heart. Thanks to all of everyone’s help, he will be another step closer to getting down to Texas. The Lone Star State will provide a specialized speech and communication pr

Double Fun Friday

Apr 24 2015

Jeez Louise can you believe it's the last Friday of April already? Like they say "time flies when you're having fun, working hard, or doing ..
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Is it Wrong to be Strong?

Apr 23 2015

This past weekend, my Monday night Strongettes headed up to Hudson Valley to participate in their “Lift for Autism” annual event. They ..
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Be Im"press"ed

Apr 22 2015

Although they are grouped together, the overhead series movements are probably much more different than you think. Sure, you are achieving ..
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